Loitering away

arducopter, old config.. updated pictures will follow[/caption]

I got my arducopter up and running the past week. I updated to the latest firmware (3.0.1). Previously I had to fight wires to calibrate the multicopter during the compass calibration dance. But I found out that you can do most of the setup of the arducopter over the XBee telemetry, so I don’t get tangled anymore. Having calibrated my compass properly and compensating for compass drift due to motor and ESC interference (compassmot values down to 5%!) I get really good GPS hold / loiter performance. During rather windy conditions my multicopter wouldn’t drift outside a 2x2m box. During calm wind conditions this was a square meter box at most. Rather impressive performance for a budget quadcopter. Next up, flying some way point missions.

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