DaymetR, a Daymet single pixel subset tool for R

Daymet is a collection of algorithms and computer software designed to interpolate and extrapolate from daily meteorological observations to produce gridded estimates of daily weather parameters - as concisely described on the Daymet website.

As I’m extensively using daily meteorological data to drive my grassland model, quick and easy access to this data is key. However accessing single pixel values through the java tool provided was a bit cumbersome and did not fit my workflow. As such I wrote my own tool which queries the website and allows you to subset time series of a single pixel location (given a latitude, longitude position) all within R. Data is either just dowloaded to the current working directory or imported as a structured array into your R workspace for further analysis or formatting.

You can find a link to the DaymetR code on my software page or follow this link to my github.

ps. since this post I have added a python version of the same code. A link can be found on the software section of my website.

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