Ubuntu 14.04 upgrade

Yesterday I updated my laptop from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to the latest release 14.04 LTS (Trusty Thar). Overall the experience is very pleasant. I noticed that the interface is snappier, bootup is as fast (It’s difficult to notice any differences on a fast SSD drive). What I did not like was the removal of some functionality in the file manager, mainly splitting the file manager window into two columns. This has been a sore point for many users but there are work arounds of it really messes with your workflow. I’ll give it a try and go without for a while. Also some of my favourite themes don’t work anymore. I now use the Numix theme as a subsitute.

I also did some counting and I figured out that I’ve spend most of my research career (approaching 10 years) using Ubuntu, starting with their first release 4.10 (warty warthog). More so, aside from some graphics work for which I used a Mac I’ve been only using Linux for research and day to day needs, and never regretted making this move. With Ubuntu moving into tablet territory I foresee some exciting times in the linux (open-source) community.

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