DaymetR, an official Daymet R package

I have described my DaymetR scripts in previous posts (here and here). However, some communication with Michele Thornton a DAYMET admin at Oak Ridge National Laboratories brought to light some issues in the way I handled specifying a region of interest. Mainly, the reprojection of the netcdf ancillary files at the edges. This is a typical issue when reprojecting raster data. As a solution I requested a shape file of the grid tiles instead of a raster and Michele kindly provided.

After cleaning up my code I also decided to wrap both the single pixel location as well as the gridded data extraction tools in a proper R package!! The package also includes the map by default so no additional data needs to be downloaded. However, I do provide the shapefile of the DAYMET grid tiles separately.

You can download my first R package on my bitbucket page linked to on my software page or by following this link. I validated the code after the recent changes in server setup at DAYMET, and all seems to be fine. Please report any bugs if you find any.

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