Final quadcopter layout

I finalized the layout of my drone design. It now includes a top and bottom plate, a canopy to protect the autopilot and a platform for a GPS (if needed). It also includes legs to be attached to the current 3DR arms.

In detail, the bottom plate includes 3M hole pinouts for the old and new arducopter power distribution boards. The bottom plate also has holes to attach the ESCs with zip ties, and this at three locations depending on ESC size etc.The top plate includes an extension and holes to hold a standard XBee module. There is also room and holes for the standard 3DR GPS stand. Holes in the canopy allow for access to analogue inputs and to check autopilot warning lights.

The model accepts the Xaircraft F4005 arms, and the current 3DR aluminium arms. I’m willing to adapt the model to the more common flamewheel plastic arms but I lack the measurements. If someone could provide them I can adjust the design.

The current design is drawn in FreeCAD and can easily be exported DXF format for compatibility with other CAD software or laser cutting, cnc milling.

The FreeCAD model can be downloaded using this dropbox link.

All feedback is appreciated!


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