Jungle Rhythms: beta trial

I’ve been quietly working on a citizen science project called Jungle Rhythms. The Jungle Rhythms project is started to ensure the preservation and transcriptions of historical hand-drawn observations of the life cycle events of over 500 different tropical tree species. These observations together with meteorological data will tell us the response of a tree’s life cycle events to changing environmental conditions, ultimately allowing us to predict the state of the forest in a changing climate.

Below you see an example of a sheet with hand-observations, where on the horizontal grid lines fine pencil marks delineate the timing of life cycle events.

[caption id=”attachment_787” align=”alignnone” width=”300”]annotation A historical record of life cycle events - click to enlarge[/caption]

In order to test the workflow of the annotation and gather feedback on the content of the project I released a public beta. In under a day the 90 images provided as a test case were viewed by 15 individual users. A big thank you goes out to the mostly anonymous zooniverse user community for annotating this dataset and providing me with the necessary feedback to ensure a high quality project.

The feedback was in general positive, recurring comments were made on the clarity of the project description or intended use of the data. Stepping back a bit I can see these shortcomings and I will address these in the next and probably final release of the project. The annotation data gathered will also provide me with a sense of accuracy and consistency of the classification between users. Once these annotation data are processed I will report her on my blog as well as on the Jungle Rhythms project page.

Once more my thanks go out to all the zooniverse users who tested my project!

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