One week of classifications

The Jungle Rhythms project is running for one week and classifications are coming in steadily. Currently, over 8,000 images have been classified by only a limited amount of users (218). Unless an army of unregistered users are pushing the effort a lot of credit goes to a relatively small but dedicated set of citizen scientists, rather remarkable. In the figure below you see a consistent steady stream of classifications (almost linear over time - on 18/12/2015). On the x-axis you see the date (+ time), on the y-axis you see the total classification count (top panel) and the number of classifications per day (bottom panel). The red vertical bars denote the new registered users who contributed to the project.

This week is also the week of the AGU conference, a the yearly meeting of geoscience scientists in San Francisco. I presented the Jungle Rhythms project and hope this will draw some attention to the project and potentially gather some more contributors.


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