Scraping Zooniverse statistics

In order to keep track of the Jungle Rhythms project I wanted some basic summary statistics, as shown on the front page of the project. However, the front end API of the project does not allow these basic statistics to be pulled from a database. Furthermore, fetching all the project data can only be done once a day (to prevent heavy traffic on the database), keeping me from generating these statistics myself. Still, I want to keep track of how classifications and users change across time.

So, I wrote a web scraper in R which I run every half hour. It renders the page using PhantomJS, as it is a dynamic page. It then grabs the resulting html file and puts it through the rvest R package to extract all necessary (time stamped) elements and writes everything to file. It updates a file if it exists. You can find the code (an R function) below.

#' Grab basic zooniverse statistics from the front page of a project
#' @param url: Location of zooniverse project
#' @param file: the name of the output file to export statistics to
#' @param path: location of the phantomjs binary (system specific)
#' @keywords zooniverse, statistics, web scraping
#' @export
#' @examples
#' with defaults returns a file called users.stats.csv
#' for the Jungle Rhythms project
#' [requires the rvest package for post-processing]
#' []
#' <- function(url="",
  # read the required libraries
  # grab current date and time (a time stamp)
  date = format(Sys.Date(),"%Y-%m-%d") 
  time = format(Sys.time(),"%H:%M")
  # write out a script phantomjs can process
  # change timeout if the page bounces, seems empty !!!
  writeLines(sprintf("var page = require('webpage').create();
           '%s', function (status) {
                     if (status !== 'success') {
                     console.log('Unable to load the address!');
                     } else {
                     window.setTimeout(function () {
                     }, 3000); // Change timeout to render page
                     });", url), con="scrape.js")

  # process the script with phantomjs / scrapes zooniverse page
  system(sprintf("%s/./phantomjs scrape.js > scrape.html",path),wait=TRUE)
  # load the retrieved rendered javascript page
  main = read_html("scrape.html")
  # set html element selector (which html fields to retrieve)
  sel = '.project-metadata-stat div'
  # process the html file using selection and render as text
  data = html_nodes(main,sel) %>% html_text()
  # if data is retrieved, append to user.stats.csv file
  # if this fails, you most likely need more time to render
  # the page (see timeout above)
  if (!identical(data, character(0))){
    # kick out description fields and convert to numeric
    data = as.numeric(data[-c(2,4,6,8)]) 
    # merge into dataframe
    data = data.frame(date, time, t(data))
    colnames(data) = c('date','time','registerd_users',
    # append stats with the current date and time
    # to an already existing data file
    if (file.exists("user.stats.csv")){
  # remove html file and javascript


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