Jungle Rhythms user statistics

Jungle Rhythms is live for little over a month and has accumulated an impressive 40,000 classifications. With a substantial amount of data classified, I’ll be transforming these classifications in actual dates of seasonal growth patterns (instead of lines on paper) in the next few weeks or so.

In the meantime, using the same classification data, I made a visualization of user contributions over the past month. In the graph below you see rectangles with their relative size scaled to number of contributions by each user (listed in the rectangle). Grey rectangles are contributions made by non registered users.

Currently, ElizabethB is leading the pack with a hard to beat 11758 classifications. Rainbobrite is runner up with 6467 classifications. Although a few large contributors make up more than 50% of the classifications the remaining classifications are made in lower numbers by more people. For example, 7% of all classifications are made by unregistered users classifying ~3 images per session. This illustrates the power in numbers, which drives a lot of citizen science. All contributions matter, even the few classifications now and again!


The top 10 high rollers in numbers:

  1. ElisabethB (11758)
  2. Rainbobrite (6467)
  3. chrisotahal (2806)
  4. Ekima (2604)
  5. britishclimate (2306)
  6. Missybee35 (1123)
  7. Cuboctahedron (1109)
  8. Ravno (729)
  9. seachanged (577)
  10. khufkens (522)


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