Jungle Rhythms user statistics: location

I needed to get a grasp on where different Jungle Rhythm users come from for a grant I’m writing. Zooniverse kindly provided me with some country based summary statistics providing me with some insight into the user activity per region.

Currently most of the users come from English speaking countries, with the highest number of sessions from the US (47%) and the UK (17%). High session numbers are also noted for Canada and Australia (both ~3.5%). Surprisingly Belgium scores really well accounting for 4% of the user sessions (potentially due to my own activity when I’m in Belgium and ElizabethB who has been very active on the project). The remaining top 10 countries, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Poland are combined good for another 10% of all sessions. All EU countries combined are good for ~31% of all the sessions, indicating that the Jungle Rhythms user pool is largely split between the US and the EU (with a strong focus on the UK). Below you find a barplot representing the described statistics.



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