The city of lights - complex plotting in R

I’ve been reading The Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina. In this book he mentions “the city of lights”, a (squid) fishing ground to the north of the Falklands. Illegal fishing vessels in this area light up the ocean to attract / catch squid. Being stuck inside I made a first pass of a map of this.

Deep learning forest cover

Within my COBECORE project I promised to digitize and map past forest cover. This task has been finished, but a thorough analysis of this data would add a lot of value in terms of the disturbance history of the forests around Yangambi.

Data science environment gripes

I’ve been working on data science and deep learning problems for a while in both R and python. Yet, the python environment is prone to package conflicts, and the larger your install base the higher the likelihood of something being in conflict with, or not compatible, with something else.

Planning ahead

I got a lot of flack on Twitter these days for stating that you better skip post-doc positions when possible. With that I meant that you better start planning ahead, when considering unstable research employment, and aiming for more stable employment of any kind (tenure track or otherwise).


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