Why I code

MODIS hdf data extraction in R (part 2)

In a previous blog post I describe how to subset MODIS hdf data. However, this was a rather simple example. Today, a graduate student emailed me to help her out with a subsetting problem she had when running the code, or better the lack of an option to extract a region of interest (rather than point data) in the previous example I gave.

The Pareto-Kanban squeeze

In business management the Pareto principle, or the law of the vital few, translates into the notion that 20% of the clients bring in 80% of the sales. I argue that in science the same principle applies. Here, focussing 20% of your time on necessary projects will translate in the bulk of your output.

Using github as a tile server

In much of my work I use geospatial data (either vector or raster maps). However, visualizing this data easily for people unfamiliar with geographic information system (GIS) toolsets is often difficult as end users care about the result (a nice map) not learning visualization tools. In short, to communicate your work you need to present maps in an appealing way.


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