A new DR Congo field campaign?

I recently started to plan a new field campaign in both Yangambi as well as Yoko. The aim is to collect more wood (core) samples for stable isotope analysis as well as some leaf samples for a diachronic analysis of leaf morphology.

However, talking to people at the Royal Museum for Central Africa I might reconsider and make due with my current samples. It seems that tensions have run high between ‘white’ people and the local population both in Kisangani and Yangambi due to a clash of cultures and expectations. Although I never felt threatened during the last field campaign it only shows how vulnerable interpersonal relations are in DR Congo and how the colonial past still plays a big role in day to day interactions. Although we make it clear that we, as scientists, are not there for diamonds, sometimes it is still perceived to be so.

So I’m still on the fence on this one… more later…

Migrating my google sites pages

I’m finally migrating my old google sites blog to a more pleasing wordpress layout. Most of the data (downloads) will be migrated to the new site, old post on my google sites blog will be partially copied to populate my otherwise rather empty (at first) new blog. Older posts will remain on the old blog. I plan to rewrite some of my short tutorials (bash / GRASS / R scripts) in pages on this blog or blogposts. As such I will not copy these either.

Elsevier Peer Review Challenge

It seems that my 10 minutes of brain storming is paying off. I was selected as runner up in the Elsevier Peer Review Challenge (http://www.elsevierblogs.com/yourpeerreviewfuture/), scoring me a nice Galaxy Tab 10.1. Not bad for a small effort.

Looking forward to receiving my new toy!

EGU 2013, DR Congo field campaign images and movies

After scoring a little talk at AGU but having to bail as the chemical analysis wasn’t finished in time I can pick up where I left and present my results at EGU.  I’ll present my work titled “Multi-decadal carbon and water relations of African tropical humid forests: a tree-ring stable isotope analysis” at Session IG5/CL5.15/SSP4.2, room G13 on Wednesday, 10 Apr 2013, 10:45.

Furthermore, I put some pictures and videos online of the last field campaign. Photos can be found on my personal Flickr page and the videos on the official COBIMFO YouTube channel. Enjoy!


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