Through many of my open science contributions I serve the scientific community where I can. However, my time is limited and requests for help are frequent. In order to protect my own work, and my mental well-being, I need credit for consultancy.

For simple questions regarding the functioning of my open source software, or previously published work, I do not apply my external consultancy policy. These are contributions which will flow back to the community as better (documented) software or new insights. In these cases a simple acknowledgement and properly cited software or literature would suffice.

For all other cases where substantial intellectual input is required I employ my consultancy policy. Intellectual input in this case can take the form of (but not limited to) custom code, data manipulation, methodological advice (including experimental design) and reviews outside the scope of general journal requests.

All these forms of work will need a form of credit beyond a simple acknowledgement. This form of credit is negotiable and depends on the exact circumstance, but can include (and is not necessarily limited to):

  • Authorship on manuscripts or other research products resulting from work where I have made these contributions
  • Authorship on grant proposals where applicable
  • An explicit service contract negotiated through BlueGreen Labs

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