Data science teaching material

Spread across my blog you will find small tutorials to resolve problems in scientific computing I come across. These deal with subsetting of remote sensing data, over visualization of data to advanced remote sensing processing. Larger code snippets can be found on my github gists page.

More formalized teaching material is provided through my github page or disseminated through dedicated teaching portals. You can find my recent introduction to phenology modelling using phenocamr and phenor R packages on the “National Ecological Observatory Network” data tutorial portal. Code contributions have also been adapted by others to teach their courses. In particular Prof. Verbesselt uses my MODISTools - BFAST example tailored to his particular locale in his time series analysis course. While Prof. Heskel uses my phenocamr in her Plant Ecophysiology class (BIOL 368)

Keep an eye on this page, my github or twitter account for links to new teaching material.

Academic writing

Academic writing is a difficult skill to acquire, as graduates focus on the science rather than science communication. This leaves many students unprepared to write their first manuscript. In order to help streamline a first publication I provide some academic writing advice and tools.

  • This R markdown template makes it easier to structure a paper in R markdown and render it as a nicely formatted pdf (to be submitted to a journal). This template has however been surpassed by the templates provided in the rticles package.

  • My paper writing checklist can be used as a writing style guide or during peer-review.

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